Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gearing Up for Spring

For the most part, I've taken the last couple of weeks of from running.  The Tecumseh Trail Marathon was my 4th marathon or more event since the beginning of September and I was starting to feel burnt out & unmotivated.  Now with less than 2 weeks to go before my Spring marathon training plan begins, I'm ready to head back out on the road and trails.
 I've set my "A" goal as going sub 3 at the Carmel Marathon in April.  As I've stated previously, I've made attempts before and failed but this is mostly due to the fact that I usually stray from the plan and end up going into the race under trained.  I'm fairly confident that if I stick to the plan that I'll be in a good position to go under 3 hours. I've signed up for the new Carmel Runners Club, hoping that I'll be able to stay on track by running with others who with the same  or similar goals. I'm also going to try to not sign up for random races during the build up that will end up being detrimental to my training. This means nothing over a half marathon until race day though it's going to be tough to pass up the Planet Adventure Winter Trail Marathon.
My plan is to do weekly updates on how the training is going to hold myself accountable for not only getting in the workouts but also for updating my blog more regularly.