Monday, August 8, 2011

Upcoming Race Schedule

I think I have finalized my major race schedule for the rest of the year. The only problem is that I'm not prepared for any of them and the first one is 30 days away. It's not that I'm completely out of shape, I'm just not where I envisioned I'd be at this time of year. I could blame it on the 23 consecutive days of 90+ degree heat but in reality, I just haven't been that motivated. I'm not a fan of waking up early to get in a run before work and it's too easy to talk myself out of one after. You'd think a schedule of 4 marathon or more distances in 3 months would be motivation enough to get in my mileage. If I want to return to the shape I was in a couple years ago, I need to get out the door & stop making excuses.

Here's the schedule:

September 9th - Run Woodstock Trail Marathon or 50K (still undecided) Pinckney, MI
October 1st - Stump Jump 50K Chattanooga, TN
November 5th - Monumental Marathon Indianapolis, IN
December 3rd - Tecumseh Trail Marathon Bloomington, IN

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