Monday, January 16, 2012

Carmel Marathon Training - Week 2 01/09/12 - 01/15/12

Monday - 3.1 miles
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 7 miles (Tempo)
Thursday - 9 miles (Speed work)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 15 miles

Weekly Total - 34.1

Once again ran my three key workouts but failed to get in the cross training. Nailed my tempo run on Wednesday and hit my goal pace +/- 1 second of marathon pace on each mile but it think it cost me some speed on Thursday.  I was aiming for 3:00 minute 800m repeats and I was able to hit it on the first two but they became gradually slower. I ran my sixth & final interval in 3:11.  I really look forward to my Thursday speed work at NIFS.  Great group of guys to run with and it's definitely easier to do repeats on an indoor 200m track when you have other people suffering along with you.
Two weeks into the plan and I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm happy with the mileage that I've been getting in and my body seems to handling the increased work load as well.  I know I'm still 14 weeks out from the marathon but I'm fairly confident that if I'm able to continue to stick with the plan that I'll be able to go under three hours in April.

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