Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carmel Marathon Training - Week 3 01/16/12 - 01/22/12

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 7 miles (Treadmill Tempo)
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 9.38 miles (Speed work)
Friday - 14 miles (Trail)
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

Weekly Total - 30.38

Great week of training up until Saturday morning.  I woke up with pain in my foot which I thought was just a stone bruise from my first trail run in the MT110's.  Unfortunately, I'm starting to believe it is something worse.  First guess is Plantar Fasciitis but I'm not sure.  Most things I've read say that PF hurts the most first thing in the morning and dissipates as the day goes on.  My pain seems to come & go throughout the day based on how much I'm on my feet.  I've been rotating between icing & massaging with a tennis or golf ball most of my free time which seems to be offering some relief.  After 5 days of no running, I can't say that my condition has improved but it hasn't become any worse.  I'll continue to rest until Saturday's trail half & then make a game time decision for the race.  If it's still persisting after the weekend, it'll be time to make a trip to the doctor. 

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